Airbase-High Definition Airbrush Make-up Karl Culverhouse

Airbase-High Definition Airbrush Make-up

Airbrushing is the future of make-up applications in beauty salons.

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The results seen using the method in nails and tanning has prompted the professional to look for other areas where such perfection and quick, easy application can be enjoyed.

As more make-up artists discover Airbase, it is now regularly used in the unforgiving world of High-Definition TV and film. The latest technological advance on the screen has proved to be a step too far for traditional film and TV make-ups that are no longer “flawless” enough. Not only can airbrushing produce ‘air light’ applications, but it also allows pinpoint accuracy making it perfect for make-up application.

Airbase was designed by an Oscar Nominated Make-Up artist for professionals and is regularly used by herself and her associates on film sets of large Hollywood movies. She carefully chose the shades so that all skin tones could be matched and was insistent that a good quality high definition make-up must have a silicone base.

Professional application for everyone…

Airbase is proven to be the ideal solution for a flawless look with a lightweight application meaning that make-up professionals from all sectors are using it in their work, from HD TV and film to bridal and everyday use.

Available For Only £35